Tip #1003: The Slide Tool – Relic of the Past

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Tip #1003: The Slide Tool – Relic of the Past

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

The Slip tool is essential. The Slide tool is a relic of the distant past.

The Slide tool moving the position of a clip, without changing content or duration.

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Last week, I wrote about the Slip tool (Tip #986). Loren took me to task asking why I didn’t write about its cousin: the Slide tool. So, now, I am.

The Slip tool (Shortcut: Y) changes the content of a shot without changing its duration or location in the timeline.

The Slide tool (Shortcut: U) changes the position of a clip inside it’s track in the timeline, without changing its content or duration. It does this by trimming the Out of the clip before it and the In of the clip after it as you drag it in the Timeline.

The Slide tool was invented back in the earliest days of non-linear editing, when we only had one video track and one title track to work with. The Slide tool allowed us to slide clips along that single video track to find the best place to put a shot.


You can only Slide a clip as far as you have handles on the clips before and after it.

While I use the Slip tool all the time, I never use the Slide tool anymore, simply because it is easier to raise a clip to a higher track where I can move it as much as I want without altering the clips on the main track.

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