Tip #1165: Different Ways to Use Slow Motion

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Tip #1165: Different Ways to Use Slow Motion

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This article focuses on the theory of slow-motion with LOTS of videos for more info.

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This article, written by Jourdan Aldredge, first appeared in PremiumBeat.com. This is a summary.

Let’s face it, slow motion is cool. There’s just something undeniably awesome about the slowing down of time. Whether it’s in a giant action sequence on an IMAX screen, or in the tiny moments of your favorite YouTube series on a smartphone, the effect of slow motion seems to always work and delight audiences of any size.

So, while there are plenty of tips and tricks to read up on for how to shoot slow motion and high frame rate, we’re actually going to dive more into the theory of slow motion and the different ways you might want to utilize it in your film and video projects.

Actually shooting slow motion for action and stunts is perhaps one of the most technically challenging feats on any production and, in part, why we see them more often in the biggest of big-budget films versus indie features and DIY shorts. It’s important to keep in mind both safety and practicality when tackling slow motion for stunts, as you’ll need to be in control of every element of the situation to make sure your camera is properly framed, focused, and recording the exact high frame rate moves that you’ve carefully and meticulously planned.

In many ways, slow motion for cinema-sake has become synonymous with this new style, as digital editing has made techniques like speed ramping easier to use and more precise to control. If you’re looking to add slow motion or fast motion in your projects today, your best bet might just be to get a solid HFR camera, shoot at 120fps (if possible), and then make all your slow motion and speed ramping decisions in the edit once you have everything planned and covered.


This article includes videos on

  • Slow Motion for Action and Stunts
  • Slow Motion to Highlight Cinematic Moments
  • Slow Motion to Draw Attention to Details
  • Slow Motion for Sports
  • Ramping Between Slow and Fast Motion
  • A link to The Slow Mo Guys YouTube channel

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