Tip #1224: Interesting – and Unassigned – Shortcuts

… for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Tip #1224: Interesting – and Unassigned – Shortcuts

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Exploring for unassigned keyboard shortcuts is one of my favorite passtimes.

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Here are several unassigned keyboard shortcuts that you may want to add to your toolkit.

Search for: Default


  • Apply Default Audio Transition to Playhead
  • Apply Default Video Transition to Playhead

Search for: Nudge


  • Nudge audio volumes up or down

Search for: Marker


  • Add Chapter marker

Plus, look at all the other existing marker shortcuts that you may not have known about.


Here are several exiting shortcuts you may also want to learn.

Search for: Trim

The one I find most useful is Toggle Trim Type (between Ripple, Roll and Trim). But the other six trim shortcuts are useful, too.

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3 replies
  1. Loren
    Loren says:

    I mapped the Select Trim sides tool to U, where I used to find it on AVID and continued mapping it in FCP7. Guess where it shows up in Premiere? U got it.

    Great post, Larry! FCPX is still screenbound in many ways.. One if the best things Adobe has done is to continue supporting options for customizing the keyboard and the interface. Getting the word out on these aspects is something why we have you!

    Best, as always,

  2. Mike Janowski
    Mike Janowski says:

    Always good to read about shortcuts.

    As an old FCP editor, I mapped the Timeline Focus (eg, “Zoom to Sequence”) shortcut to the classic “Shift-Z” combo. I mouse quite a bit with my right hand, and having the standard Premiere shortcut for TF over on the right (“\”) wouldn’t work for me. I can now keep both hands busy while I create my masterpieces.


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