Tip #1281: Larger Frame Sizes Protect Projects

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Tip #1281: Larger Frame Sizes Protect Projects

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Frame sizes will continue to increase, here’s how they benefit current projects.

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We are in the middle of determining the “optimum” frame size for video projects as frame sizes continue to scale up. New projects are consistently shooting in 4k frame sizes, with cameras pushing up to 8K frame sizes and beyond.

First, while it could be argued that we can’t actually SEE 4K in most situations, that hasn’t stopped distributors from requesting it. However, even if we are creating HD projects, there is a value in shooting larger frame sizes. Recently, Jason Boone wrote a blog about the benefits of scaling larger frame sizes to fit smaller projects.

  • Reframe a shot. 4K provides so many extra pixels to choose from, you can convert a wide shot into a close-up. However, cutting into the frame won’t change depth of field, so the image won’t look the same as if you had zoomed in.
  • Use the same take multiple times. Using the same take for both wide shots and close-ups makes it seem as though you have two cameras. The benefit is that where talent is looking change. The disadvantage is that background and depth of field won’t change either.
  • Create camera moves. Using keyframes you can create movement where there was none in the original shot. However, like moves on a still, elements won’t change position as they would if you used a dolly on set.
  • Stabilize your footage. This is powerful. Stabilization always zooms into a shot. By having lots of extra pixels to work with, the image won’t lose detail or sharpness.
  • Adjust the image for graphics. There’s nothing worse than graphics you can’t read. 4K gives us extra pixels for scaling and repositioning.

4K may not be visible to the eye, but it can be a BIG benefit in post. And the same holds true for larger frame sizes yet – provided your storage is fast and large enough to hold it!

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