Tip #1311: Toolfarm Top Ten Tutorials & Freebies

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Tip #1311: Toolfarm Top Ten Tutorials & Freebies

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

The most popular VFX freebies and tutorials – all in one place.

{Image courtesy of Toolfarm.com.)

Topic $TipTopic Announced on News Year’s Eve, here are the “Toolfarm Top Ten Freebies & Tutorials” – the Top 10 most popular, fan-favorite freebies from 2020 at Toolfarm.

Link: www.toolfarm.com/news/top-10-freebies-2020/

Also, last week, Toolfarm posted their “Top Ten Tutorial Posts of 2020.”

Link: www.toolfarm.com/news/top-ten-tutorial-2020/

Some quick facts about Toolfarm’s 2020 Tutorial Posts

  • We posted 310 tutorials to our site in 2020 alone!
  • We have 2,404 tutorial posts published in total. The reason I’m calling them “tutorial posts” is because some posts have more than one tutorial.
  • While we used to post tutorials for mainly After Effects and Cinema 4D, in 2020 we published more about DaVinci Resolve, KeyShot, and audio plugins.
  • Informational posts have become more popular than the standard “how-to” tutorial posts.

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