Tip #1323: 15 Image Composition Techniques

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Tip #1323: 15 Image Composition Techniques

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Better composition creates stronger emotions and deeper audience involvement.

(Image courtesy of SmartPhotoEditors.com.)

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This article first appeared in SmartPhotoEditors.com. This is a summary.

With many technological breakthroughs in cameras, professional photographers have access to more tools and accessories than ever! But it’s still the person behind the camera that makes the real difference. That makes it more important for professional photographers and their techniques such as the composition techniques to click the best of the best clicks.

Though professional Photoshop services are there to enhance the images, the main objective of composition is to click the best snap so that it captures the scene as intended and reaches the post-processing table. This blog post will walk professional photographers through many different composition techniques that can be implemented, even when using a smartphone!

The article then illustrates and discusses 15 composition techniques:

  1. Rule of Thirds
  2. Rule of Odds
  3. Rule of Space
  4. Golden Triangle Rule
  5. Centering the Object
  6. Depth of Field
  7. Balance the Elements
  8. Leading Lines
  9. Patterns and Textures
  10. Filling the Frame
  11. Frame Inside a Frame
  12. Leaving Negative Space
  13. Going Minimalist
  14. Contrast Background
  15. Left to Right Rule of Photography

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