Tip #139: Customize the Project Panel

… for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Tip #139: Customize the Project Panel

Larry Jordan – https://LarryJordan.com

Freeform View is a new feature hidden in the Project panel.

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The Project panel provides multiple ways for us to view and organize our clips. What you may not know are the three icons in the lower left that allow you to alter the display of clips and projects:

  • List view (2nd from left). This displays additional information about each asset in a table form. Control-click a column header to customize the information it displays. Drag a column header to change its location in the table.
  • Icon view (3rd from left). This view is great to view the contents of a clip in the Project panel. Press the spacebar to play a clip. Hover your cursor over an icon and the clip plays backwards or forwards as you drag your mouse.
  • Freeform view (4th from left). This view allows you to visually organize your assets and create storyboards with your media. You can use the Freeform view to arrange clips freely into a custom layout, unrestricted by any kind of grid and sort order.

The Freeform view is especially useful when you want to think spatially, stack or group media files, or arrange clips as storyboards and assembly edits. You can also save different layouts for the same project and switch between them.


To learn more about Freeform view, see Tip #146.

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