Tip #1400: Audio Butler: Automatic Audio Mixing

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Tip #1400: Audio Butler: Automatic Audio Mixing

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

AI-driven, automatic audio mixing for Premiere and Resolve.

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Alex Audio Butler just released an upgrade to its automatic audio mixing package for Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve.

Alex Audio Butler consists of 4 unique plug-ins that, combined, can mix most, if not all, types of video projects. Every audio track in your project (including the Master track) will contain exactly one Alex Audio Butler instance based on the type of audio in the track (Voice, Music, Sound FX, Master). All these instances work together by listening to your audio and sharing their internal analyses to create a series of audio settings that will make your audio sound as good as possible.

Using presets you only need to tell Alex Audio Butler high-level choices that fit your project: you want a Pumping Loud video, or something more Natural. Based on these instruction the plugin suite will tune every setting creating the right volume so you don’t have to think about dBs, Hz, et cetera.

A floating Status Window informs you if Alex Audio Butler has enough information for a correct export so you can be sure you never upload videos with audio mistakes.

Prices range from $89 to $149.

Learn more here.

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