Tip #1464: Maxon Acquires forger

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Tip #1464: Maxon Acquires forger

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

forger offers professional-level sculpting workflows on mobile devices.

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Last week, Maxon announced it has acquired forger, a digital 3D sculpting and texture painting application for iOS. Conceived over a decade ago by Javier Edo Meseguer, forger offers desktop-class, professional-level sculpting workflows on mobile devices.

Quoting from the Maxon press release:

forger features an intuitive multitouch interface and a comprehensive collection of sculpting brushes and tools. Powerful remeshing algorithms as well as masking and layering capabilities make concept- and production-level sculpting on a mobile device a reality. The ability to import/export OBJ and Alembic file formats further facilitates mobile to desktop workflows.

forger supports all iOS devices (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch), although it benefits from the extra workspace found in the larger devices and makes great use of the performance benefits that iPad Pro(s) bring to the table. It also supports Apple Pencil.


Read the press release here.

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