Tip #151: Export a Transparent Effect from Motion

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Tip #151: Export a Transparent Effect from Motion

Larry Jordan – https://LarryJordan.com

Transparency can be displayed by any NLE.

Unchecked layers in Motion are transparent.
Uncheck a group or layer in Motion to make it transparent.

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You have two options to export an effect from Motion:

  • Export the entire composited movie. This creates a stand-alone movie.
  • Export just a portion of the effect – for example, a motion-tracked object, then composite it in the NLE.

Since exporting only exports visible layers, to export just an animated element, uncheck any layers you don’t want to export to make them invisible.

NOTE: To export the entire composite, make sure all layers are visible (checked) in the Layers panel.

Now, when you choose Share > Export Movie and accept the default settings, Motion creates a ProRes 4444 movie with an alpha channel, which means it includes any transparency.

That ProRes 4444 movie can then be imported into any editing software on Mac or Windows and retain all its transparency.

Very cool.

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