Tip #1550: Use Nesting to Add Power to Watch Folders

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Tip #1550: Use Nesting to Add Power to Watch Folders

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Adobe Media Encoder Watch folders are flexible, useful & easy.

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Adobe Media Encoder (AME) supports creating nested watch folders, which is a great way to perform multiple actions at once.

A Watch Folder is an automated way to compress (or transcode, actually) any media file using AME with settings that you apply to the Watch Folder itself.

Here’s a tutorial I wrote that explains how to create a simple watch folder setup, then extends that into nested watch folders which can accomplish multiple compression tasks automatically and hands-free.

NOTE: Here’s the link.


You can also program AME to automatically transfer compressed files to a website when compression is complete. We used this feature a LOT during our live coverage of NAB for the Digital Production Buzz.

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