Tip #1649: Shear vs. Rotation Effects

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Tip #1649: Shear vs. Rotation Effects

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Shear deforms the image, as well as add a 3D feel.

A rotated image (top), Shear image (bottom). The lower image lost perspective.

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Shear is a Transform property that you probably haven’t played with. But it is quite different from Rotation. Here’s an illustration.

We have long had the ability to rotate elements in 3D, thanks to the 3D Transform tool (top image in screen shot).

However, Rotation keeps everything properly in perspective. Shear does not.

  • Select an element.
  • Go to Inspector > Properties > Transform. Then drag the X or Y value and watch what happens.
  • Shear distorts the clip in a variety of non-perspective ways, creating a sort of a deformed 3D rotation look.

This is easier to see as you play with it, especially when moving X and Y in combination.


Remember, all Transform settings can be keyframed, so you can animate your weirdness, along with applying behaviors to it.

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