Tip #203: Create Split Screen Animation – Fast

… for Apple Motion

Tip #203: Create Split Screen Animation – Fast

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Use Motion to speed creating animated split screens.

Three drop-zone placeholders in the Motion Viewer.
Size and animate the drop-zones in the Motion Viewer.

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This technique uses Apple Motion to create an animated split screen template for Final Cut Pro X. If you only need to create split screens once, use Final Cut. If you need to create split screens more than once, it is much easier to create them as a template in Motion. Here’s how.

  • Create a new Generator in Motion. (Set the duration to a few seconds longer than necessary to allow room for transition handles.)
  • Choose Object > New Drop Zone. This adds an image placeholder that you will fill in Final Cut.
  • Size and position the Drop Zone as needed.
  • Add as many different Drop Zones as you have images.
  • To animate, select each layer and apply a Behavior. A good one to experiment with is Throw. Adjust using the HUD.
  • Choose File > Save. Give this new template a name and Category (folder).

Now, when you open Final Cut and go to the Generator browser, you’ll find this new template ready to go. Add images into the drop zones the same as any other Final Cut effect.


Each drop zone can have filters applied, as well as much more extensive animation.

Normally, I put this effect over a background created in Final Cut. However, you can add the background in Motion and it will automatically transfer to Final Cut.

Additionally, you can add other elements such as lines, drawings… whatever sparks your imagination.

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