Tip #776: Copy & Paste Into a Region in Motion

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Tip #776: Copy & Paste Into a Region in Motion

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

We can select a region in the timeline, then copy and paste into it.

A region (lighter color) selected in the timeline.

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In Motion, we can make changes to a range of frames, known as a region. For example, you can cut or copy a section of time to remove it from your project completely, or just move it to a new position in Timeline. Regions need not align with object edges in the Timeline—you can create a region that begins midway through an object.

You can also paste objects into a defined region using the Paste Special command, which lets you insert, overwrite, or exchange objects in the Timeline. Additionally, you select a region and insert blank frames, creating an empty placeholder for a clip you don’t yet have.

Here’s how to paste into a selected region:

  1. In Motion, select an object.
  2. Press Cmd + C to copy or Command-X to cut your selection.
  3. Press and hold the Command and Option keys, drag in the timeline ruler to select a region.
  4. Choose Edit > Paste Special.
  5. The Paste Special dialog appears.
  6. Select “Insert into time region” or “Overwrite into time region,” then click OK.

The Clipboard contents are pasted into the region using the method you specified.

NOTE: This requires selecting a region in the Timeline, not the mini-timeline.


Here’s an Apple Support page with more options about working with regions.

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