Tip #908: Add Transitions to 360 VR Video

… for Apple Final Cut Pro X

Tip #908: Add Transitions to 360 VR Video

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Transitions need to be used sparingly. Think of VR more as live theater than film.

Note the difference in controls for a VR transition.

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The key concept you need to understand about 360 VR video is that, because the video is a sphere, you need to edit as little as possible. However, you can still add transitions. Here’s how.

With normal video, most transitions start at the edge of the frame. But, with 360 VR, there is no edge – the entire image is a sphere. Moving in for a closeup on one side means moving away from a close-up on the other side of the sphere.

In traditional film, we bring the camera closer to the actor. In 360 VR, we bring the actor closer to the camera.

This “sphere-ness” also affects transitions. A traditional transition doesn’t understand that there’s an up or down to the image. This means that you need to pick transitions from the Transitions > 360° category.

Then, go to the Inspector and adjust the Longitude (starting point), Direction and Speed to get the effect you want.


Remember, unlike traditional film, you can’t assume where the viewer will be looking. Since you are shooting a sphere, the viewer could be looking anywhere within it when your transition starts.

Soft edges are always a good idea.

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