Tip #915: Add Texture to a Color

… for Apple Motion

Tip #915: Add Texture to a Color

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Some blend modes are better at texture than others; especially those labeled “Linear.”

Dark blue rectangle with Linear Burn (left) or Linear Light blend modes applied with a Travertine image below the color.

Topic $TipTopic We’ve long known how to add texture to text, or even replace white text with an image, using the Stencil Alpha blend mode. But, did you also know we can add texture to plain colors. Here’s how.

  • Using the Rectangle or Circle tool, draw a solid color shape.

NOTE: This will look best if you turn the shape’s border off.

  • From Library > Content > Images > Traditional, drag a texture into the Viewer and put it below the color layer.

NOTE: There are MANY options to choose from. I’m using Travertine, but scroll down past the book images and you’ll find lots of worthy candidates.

  • Mask the background texture (Travertine in my case) so that it is only visible under the color; otherwise, the texture will fill the screen.
  • Select the color and, depending upon the color, apply Inspector > Properties > Blend mode of Linear Burn or Linear Light, whichever looks better to you.

NOTE: The screen shot illustrates both. For my taste, I prefer Linear Burn to emphasize the darker texture.

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    • Larry Jordan
      Larry Jordan says:


      The way you create a mask for any other element – use one of the masking tools in Motion on the layer underneath the color.



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