”The Inside Tips’ provides a series of opt-in, ad-supported, free emails containing tips and techniques on specific subjects related to media and the creative arts to readers around the world. To achieve this we ask you for specific personal information.


Email address. Because these are delivered via email, we need to know your address.

General geographic information. We ask for your general location so that we can learn where our readers are located. This also allows us to tailor our newsletters for region-specific content. We may also share aggregated location data to our sponsors; for example, how many readers are located in a particular city, state or country.

Subject interest groups. Because the content of these emails is focused on specific subjects, we need to know what subjects you are interested in receiving.

While each email is sponsored, we do not sell, rent, barter or share your specific information with sponsors or other outside groups. We do keep this information on our servers so that we can fulfill our promise of sending you timely tips, techniques and other information.

We do not seek, collect or store any financial information about any reader.


Because we pay individuals to share tips with us, we collect additional information from contributors.

Personal contact information. We collect this so that we can properly track, report and pay you for the content you contribute.

Tip. We collect and store all data and screen shots related to the tips you submit.

Screen shot. To help readers understand your tip, we strongly recommend including a screen shot that best illustrates your point. While we have copyright permission to display software interfaces, be sure that if any other images are included in your screen shot that you have permission from the copyright holder to share them. You may submit any size screen shot, however, we may resize or reconstruct it to better illustrate your point. High data rate JPEG images are fine.

Personal photo. We encourage you to submit a small (500 x 500 pixel) screen shot that we may publish with your tips. Submitting a personal photo is totally optional.

We track the number of tips you submit and when those tips were shared with our audience so that we may pay you for the tips you submit that we publish. (We do not pay simply for submitting tips.) We also track total amounts paid to you for the purposes of financial and governmental reporting.

We do not share individual, specific contributor data with anyone outside our company, including sponsors, unless legally required to do so. However, we do share aggregate data such as how many contributors we have, the number of tips contributed or the total amount of money paid to all contributors in order to encourage others to contribute content.


If you have specific questions about our privacy policy or how your data is being collected, stored, used or shared, please contact our privacy officer.