Q. What does it cost to suggest a tip?

A. It is free to post as many tips as you want. We actively encourage readers to share their favorite tips.

Q. What do you want in a tip?

A. We want tips in your own words, not re-written from other sources. Each tip should be around 200 words that clearly describes a short-cut, tip, technique or work-around that you find very useful. Here’s an FAQ that provides more “tips on tips.”

Q. How important is it for this tip to be in my own words?

A. Very important. We don’t want people plagiarizing from other sources. That would get all of us in trouble. Please share your tips using your own words. It is OK to learn about tips from others, but it is NOT OK to use someone else’s words or screenshots to describe your tip. In fact, as part of the submission process, we ask you to verify that the tips you submit are in your own words and that your screenshots originated with you.

Q. Do I need to worry about copyright?

A. No and yes. We can publish screen shots of application interfaces with no problem because we are illustrating how to use the software. However, you need to have copyright ownership (or permission) for any images that are not part of the interface itself.

Q. Can I get credit for the tip?

A. Yes. Simply check the “Credit my name and website” checkbox. Both will appear on the published tip. (Leave this unchecked to remain anonymous.)

Q. How does the process work?

A. Once you submit a tip, we review it for accuracy, relevance and clarity. We reserve the right to accept, modify or reject any tip. (Here are our specific legal terms.) The most common reasons for modifying a tip are to improve clarity, spelling or grammar. The most common reasons for rejecting a tip are that we recently covered the same subject or that we have not been able to verify its accuracy. Once a tip is approved, we will schedule it for release and send you a note telling you when and on which list it will appear.

Q. How do I monitor my tips?

A. You can see tip status, reader reviews, and number of views by logging into the Contributor page. These stats are updated in real-time from our central database.

Q. Who decides which tips to release and what list to send them to?

A. Our editorial team.

Q. What if I have more specific questions?

A. Send us an email: