Tip #1011: Create Unique Backgrounds FAST!

… for Apple Motion

Tip #1011: Create Unique Backgrounds FAST!

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

The Parallelogram Tile filter creates unique backgrounds from stills or video.

The Parallelogram Tile effect applied to a shot of a city street at night.

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Motion has a filter that can create a unique, visually-interesting background out of any still or video clip. Here’s how to use it.

  • Import a still image or video clip, then select it in the Layers panel.
  • Apply Filters > Tiling > Parallelogram Tile.
  • In Inspector > Filters adjust Center > Y and Acute Angle to create an image that doesn’t look overly rectangular.

If this filter is applied to a video, the image will change as the video changes.

If this filter is applied to a still image, you can animate it by selecting the Parallelogram Tile filter in the Layers panel, then keyframing Center > Y. Slower moves look better. Adding a Gaussian Blur will also help.


If you want to be especially daring, apply an Oscillate parameter behavior to Center > Y.

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