Tip #1013: The Coming File Size Tsunami

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Tip #1013: The Coming File Size Tsunami

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

The impact of increasing frame size AND frame rate requires exponential growth in storage.

Data based on ProRes 422, numbers provided by Apple ProRes White Paper.

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Last week, I presented a webinar on media management that applied to both Premiere and Final Cut. During the presentation I was discussing the impact frame size, frame rates and bit depth have on the file size of our media files.

The world of 8K images is coming – whether we like it or not; though, personally, I’m not looking forward to it. But, the impact of 8K on our storage capacity and bandwidth is dramatic!

As I was presenting, I realized I was missing a chart that showed the result of both frame size AND frame rate increasing. So, here it is. As this chart shows, as both frame size and frame rate increase, we see an exponential growth in file size and bandwidth.

  • 720p24 uses 23 GB/hour
  • 1920p30 uses 66 GB/hour
  • UHD/30 uses 530 GB/hour
  • 8K/60 uses 2,263 GB/hour

This means that as you plan future projects make sure your storage system has the capacity to handle it!

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    • Larry Jordan
      Larry Jordan says:


      Ultimately, we will probably end up near 10K images, which pretty much matches the 100 million pixel equivalent of the human eye. I can’t begin to imagine the challenges in makeup and set dressing when that occurs.



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