Tip #033: What Is the Mercury Playback Engine?

… for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Tip #033: What Is the Mercury Playback Engine?

Larry Jordan – https://LarryJordan.com

A software framework to enhance performance.

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The “Mercury Playback Engine” is the name for a large number of performance improvements that first appeared in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. These improvements continue to expand with each release.

If you have a supported GPU, this acceleration is handled by the card. If you don’t, acceleration is handled in software. Hardware (the card) is always faster.

The Mercury Playback Engine improves the speed of:

  • Real-time effects playback
  • Rendering for preview and final output
  • Visual effects
  • Image scaling
  • Deinterlacing
  • Blend modes
  • Color space conversion

However, most of the time, it does not affect the speed of encoding or decoding media.

Whe you are creating a new project, Mac users should select the Metal option. Windows users should select CUDA if they have nVidia graphics cards or OpenCL for AMD or other GPU options.

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