Tip #050: Don’t Repeat Yourself: Use a Template

… for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Tip #050: Don’t Repeat Yourself: Use a Template

Larry Jordan – https://LarryJordan.com

Project templates save time by saving settings in a reusable form.

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Templates, especially for complex repetitive projects, can be a huge time-saver. The only problem is that Premiere does not create them.

But, there’s a very cool workaround: use the Finder!

Here’s how.

  • Create a new project and modify it as needed for your work. This includes track counts, custom buttons, bins, even media clips that get reused from one project to another.
  • Save the project, then close it so it is no longer open in Premiere. (However, you don’t need to quit Premiere.)
  • Switch to the Finder and select the project you just saved.
  • Choose File > Get Info (shortcut: Cmd + I).
  • Check the Locked check-box- this makes the file read-only.

The next time you open this in Premiere, all your customization will be retained and Premiere will require you to save it using a different name.

This is a very easy way to create an unlimited number of templates.

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