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Tip #1017: Chapter Marker Export Option Missing

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

The option to include chapter markers on export has disappeared in FCP X 10.4.9.

The Master File > Settings panel. The checkbox to export chapter markers is gone.

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Another problem that surfaced with the 10.4.9 update to Apple Final Cut Pro X is that chapter markers can no longer be exported – at least on my system.

As you can see from the screen shot, when exporting a master file, there’s no checkbox to include chapter markers in the export. And, not surprisingly, if I include chapter markers in my project, they don’t export.

This problem did not exist in the 10.4.8 version of Final Cut.

For now, if you need chapter markers, don’t upgrade to 10.4.9.


Chapter markers can be included in both QuickTime movies and MPEG/4 movies. I use them in all my webinar downloads and streams, not just DVDs.

I’ve contacted Apple about this problem and they are looking into it.

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  1. Scott Dodson
    Scott Dodson says:

    A fellow FCPX’er found this article for me, as I- also- was shocked by this today. The many videos I do for teachers, band directors, dance and coaches ALL rely on my chapters in their assessment videos. Not to mention weddings, concerts, recitals… I had a HUGE wedding project I was all set to deliver today… and I got it because I could deliver an MP4 file WITH chapters. Long story short, Compressor did the trick… but that will sure add LOTS of clicks and time to workflows.

    I commented to FCPX support in a bug report.

    I also heard from another that they were eliminating the chapter function because of something to do with iPhone/iPad editing??

    Thanks so much for all the work you do Larry!

    • Larry Jordan
      Larry Jordan says:


      This is depressing if true. I’ve contacted Apple about this, but don’t have a definitive word. Hopefully, they will fix this and put it back.


  2. Robin Alder
    Robin Alder says:

    I found this below as a work around. I did not test it yet. Anyway, that’s not a solution


    >>”If anyone else is affected the issue can be worked around by using the “Send To Compressor” in FCP. The Chapter Markers will come across. They are only visible when you drop a Preset onto the Batch section.”

  3. Evan Richards
    Evan Richards says:

    This is a very serious issue. Having finished a project for one organization, I updated to FCP. Now I have a project to make a DVD for another organization and I’ll need chapter markers. What now?

    • Larry Jordan
      Larry Jordan says:


      If, after you upgraded, the chapter export option doesn’t appear, contact Apple Support and see if you can down-grade to 10.4.8. At the very least, let them know that this problem affects you, too.


    • Larry Jordan
      Larry Jordan says:


      Sigh… This is one I didn’t know about. Please contact Apple Support and see if you can downgrade to version 10.4.8. At the very least, let them know that this bug exists too.



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