Tip #1021: Effects Playground: Sunset Butterfly

… for Apple Motion

Tip #1021: Effects Playground: Sunset Butterfly

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Most effects are not complicated. Rather. they combine multiple settings to create something cool.

A composite of a butterfly, clear vase and a sunset, in Motion.

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OK, I confess. I didn’t plan this effect, I just kept asking “What happens if I do this?” … and I ended up with this sunset butterfly.

Here’s what I did. In the same group in Motion combine:

  • Library > Content > Images > Folio > Clear Vase 01
  • Library > Content > Particle Images > Butterfly

Make sure the vase is on top then select the Clear Vase:

  • Apply Inspector > Properties > Blend Mode: Soft Light
  • Apply Filters > Color > Gradient Color. Then set the gradient to Burnt Ember from the “rectangles” icon to the right of the gradient itself.

Adjust the size and angle of the butterfly so it looks good to you.



Apply Filters > Color > Levels to the butterfly and adjust it, again, so it looks “right” to you.

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5 replies
  1. Philip Snyder
    Philip Snyder says:

    Hi Larry,

    Is there a way to extend the duration of the butterfly clip without slowing it down. I can’t seem
    to make it run longer without slowing it down from the default speed.

  2. stu aull
    stu aull says:

    Laugh-Out-Loud!! Larry, this flight of fancy exactly illustrates the joy you seem to have, and more importantly, the willingness to explore and share all this (sometimes esoteric) stuff under the hood of these apps. kudos to your curiosity! We all benefit…thank you.


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