Tip #1050: 7 Tips to Spice Up a Demo Reel

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Tip #1050: 7 Tips to Spice Up a Demo Reel

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Demo reels need to evolve with your career. Here’s how to keep them fresh.

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Chances are, most people reading this will have some experience in throwing together a demo reel. But as your body of work continues to evolve, so too should the 90-second video compilation you use to represent it.

Here are seven tips to add impact to your demo:

  1. Cut the Fat
  2. Brevity is Key
  3. Play Up Your Niche
  4. Don’t Be Afraid To Show Your Process
  5. Reconsider Your Music
  6. Chase Those Views!
  7. Get a Second Opinion


This article has more details and lots of links. And, for additional help, check out these tips which cover the basics of creating a demo reel.

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