Tip #1085: What’s a Replicator?

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Tip #1085: What’s a Replicator?

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Replicators create patterns from one or more shapes.

A spiral replicator with the Oak color gradient pattern applied.

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A Replicator creates a pattern from a single object or a group of objects. Traditionally, we think of a pattern as a rectangle, but, in Motion, we have a lot more options.

Replicators can be use to repeat a logo to fill the screen as the background for text, or creating interesting patterns, or, well, just about anything, really.

NOTE: A key difference between particles and replicators is that particles have a “life,” the duration that a particular particle is displayed on screen. Replicated objects “live” forever.

Replicators can take different shapes, including:

  • Point
  • Line
  • Rectangle
  • Circle
  • Burst
  • Spiral (see screen shot)
  • Wave
  • Or a custom geometric form

Replicators can also change color across the pattern, as this screen shot illustrates.


Animate Replicators by applying Behaviors > Replicator > Sequence Replicator


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