Tip #1097: Creative Color Tints

… for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Tip #1097: Creative Color Tints

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Shadow & Highlight Tints are quick ways to affect the dominant grayscale values in an image.

An image as captured (left) and after tints were applied. (Image courtesy of J. Putch and “Route 30, Too!“)

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There’s an unlimited range of looks and emotions we can evoke with the color tools in Premiere. Here’s a technique using two tools I haven’t worked with before to boost the emotion in a scene.

In the screen shot, the image on the left is how it was shot. The image on the right was adjusted using three settings in the Lumetri Color > Creative panel:

  • Vibrance was decreased 30% to reduce saturation.
  • Shadow Tint was pushed deeply toward dark blue affecting the darker portions of the frame.
  • Highlight Tint was pushed slightly toward red.

Look how much more stressed and anguished she looks, just in changing these simple settings.

The benefit to using Shadow and Highlight Tints is that you can quickly alter the color balance of a scene by affecting shadows, which our eye responds to at a much deeper level than highlights.


When altering saturation, Vibrance is a better tool than Saturation, because Vibrance only affects mid-tone values.

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