Tip #1111: Adobe Sneak Peaks

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Tip #1111: Adobe Sneak Peaks

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Here’s the full list of new tech premiered at Adobe Sneaks.

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Last week, at Adobe MAX, comedian Chelsea Handler co-hosted Sneaks, a preview of the futuristic tech Adobe engineers and researchers are exploring.

These Sneaks preview cutting-edge technologies from Adobe’s labs —and some may even make their way into future Adobe products. From tapping AI to fix blurry videos to enabling collaboration in augmented reality (AR) experiences, these experimental Sneaks push the boundaries of creative innovation.

Here’s the full list.

Project Sharp Shots – powered by Adobe Sensei (Adobe’s AI and machine learning technology)

  • #SharpShotsSneak takes advantage of advancements in computer vision and deep learning to transform blurry videos into sharp, steady, action-packed footage.

Project Scantastic

  • #Scantastic offers an intuitive solution that leverages your smartphone and a photogrammetry pipeline to capture 3D models from the environment with minimal user intervention for immersive, 3D experiences.

Project Material World – powered by Adobe Sensei

  • #MaterialWorld is a tool for image-to-material reverse engineering. It provides an intuitive material identification process that works under natural lighting, avoiding the need for complex capture setup or user inputs. This results in a digital texture so real you can almost feel it.

Project Physics Whiz

  • #PhysicsWhiz introduces a physics-based layout tool that combines a user’s intuitive sense of physical manipulation with the precision of digital tools to simplify object manipulation in 3D digital tools.

Project On the Beat – powered by Adobe Sensei

  • #OnTheBeatSneak identifies out-of-rhythm body movements and aligns them to generate beat-synced videos for the perfect dance video.

Project Comic Blast – powered by Adobe Sensei

  • #ComicBlast disrupts the way comics are created and consumed through efficient, collaborative, and intelligent design and technology paradigms that make comic book creation fun and 100x faster.

Project In Sync

  • #InSyncSneak streamlines the disconnected path from an XD file to a production-ready application. It allows designers to share information about the design and implementation, create a bridge prototype from XD, and quickly push to a production site.

Project 2D Plus

  • #2DPlus enables users to take 2D objects in Illustrator and make them instantly appear 3D. It is a set of features – dynamic shadows, attached shadows, auto-arrange, and graphic lighting, that come together to create 2.5D’ish looking outputs that graphic designers will undoubtedly love, saving a huge learning curve of understanding 3D apps.

Project Typographic Brushes

  • #TypographicBrushes combines users’ drawn stroke inputs, the choice of brush, and the typographic properties of the text object to brings paint style brushes and new-type families to life in seconds.

Project AR Together

  • #ARTogether brings to life a multi-user experience where everyone shares the same view of the physical space and virtual objects, and can author and share AR scenes without compromising the quality of the experience.


Here’s a link to see video demos of each of these.

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