Tip #1139: Change the Speed of a Clip

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Tip #1139: Change the Speed of a Clip

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Remember, effects in Motion can have different durations than the clips they are applied to.

The Set Speed behavior adjusted to 25% slomo, with both Ease In & Out applied.

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Like anything in Motion that involves movement, changing the speed of a clip requires a behavior. Here’s how to create a slow-motion effect.

Select the clip in the Layer’s panel who’s speed you want to change, then apply Behaviors > Retiming > Set Speed.

In Inspector > Behaviors > Set Speed (see screen shot):

  • Speed adjusts the overall speed of the clip. Less than 100 is slower.
  • Ease In Time and Curve adjust how the clip gradually changes from normal speed to adjusted.
  • Ease Out Time and Curve adjusts how the clip ends the speed effect and returns to normal speed.

The Ease In/Out settings only apply when the speed effect is shorter than the clip itself. This allows the clip to start or end at normal speed, then change in the middle.

NOTE: I discovered that setting an In or Out to the Set Speed effect does not properly trim it. You will probably need to drag an edge to change it’s duration.


It is easier to adjust these settings and watch what happens than to describe them in words.

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