Tip #1163: Fill a 3D Object with Texture

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Tip #1163: Fill a 3D Object with Texture

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

To retain texture, especially for white 3D objects, use Stencil Luma.

A white cylinder, filled with bamboo, yet retaining the lighting texture.

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One of the new features in Motion 5.4.7 is 3D objects. They are in their own category in the Library. Here’s a better way to give them texture.

In the screen shot, I created a cylinder made out of strips of bamboo. Sorta. Here’s how.

  • Drag Library > 3D Objects > Cylinder into the timeline.
  • Using the 3D controls, position it however you want. Here, I tipped it forward to see the difference between the top and sides.
  • In the same group, drag Library > Content > Backgrounds > Bamboo Weave under the cylinder in the Layers panel.
  • Select the cylinder and change Inspector > Properties > Blend mode to Stencil Luma.

Stencil Luma retains the grayscale texture, while keying the background into the foreground.

NOTE: Stencil Alpha would replace the white, but lose all the depth provided by the lighting.


To emphasize the shading created by the lighting, add Filters > Color > Levels to the cylinder, then tweak the Levels settings to emphasize the differences in grayscale.

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