Tip #118: Walkie-Talkie Radio Codes

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Tip #118: Walkie-Talkie Radio Codes

Larry Jordan – https://LarryJordan.com

PremiumBeat decodes common on-set radio chatter.

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The folks at PremiumBeat recently published the basics of on-set walkie-talkie etiquette. (Smile… back “in the day” we used megaphones. Walkie-talkies are MUCH cooler.)

Here are some common radio codes you may hear during production:

  • Go to. This is a request to switch from the general communication frequency to a specific frequency for a longer conversation.
  • What’s your 20? What’s your location.
  • Copy and 10-4. Yes, I understand.
  • 10-1 and 10-2. Um, bathroom break.
  • Go again. Tells the other party to please repeat themselves.
  • Flying in/out. Bringing someone or something to or from the set.
  • Keying or Hot-micing. You are pressing the mic button and not talking. This will not make you any friends.

Share your own favorite codes in the comments below.

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