Tip #1198: 6 Tips to Improve Audio Quality

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Tip #1198: 6 Tips to Improve Audio Quality

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Please, for the love of humanity, stop using the camera mic for dialog!

Not a camera mic. (Image courtesy of Pexels.com)

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This article first appeared in MotionArray.com. This is a summary.

Not much is more distracting than bad audio in an otherwise good film or video.

Great sound typically goes unnoticed by the viewer. It stays in the subconscious, but as soon as you bring it to the conscious, that’s when you start hearing words like amateur, low budget, B-movie, and student film.

In this article, the author looks at how to improve audio recordings:

  1. Use a Dedicated Microphone
  2. Get Your Microphone Close to Your Subject
  3. Don’t Clip Your Audio
  4. Location
  5. Get a Dead Cat
  6. Capture Room Tone

It includes a details on each subject, along with a seven-minute tutorial video.

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