Tip #1199: Video Creativity: Casey Neistat

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Tip #1199: Video Creativity: Casey Neistat

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“It doesn’t have to be perfect to be good.”

Casey Neistat (Image courtesy of PremiumBeat.com)

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This article, written by Jourdan Aldredge, first appeared in PremiumBeat.com. This is a summary.

In this in-depth review and interview with YouTube vlogger Casey Neistat, Jourdan takes a look at the philosophy, gear and perspective of this highly-successful digital creator who, at his heart, is just another filmmaker and content creator trying to turn his creativity into art.

Jourdan: What sparks your creativity in today’s world of video content?

I find so much inspiration in how diversified YouTube is becoming. … Overall, it’s seeing creators really lean into what they’re passionate about rather than trying to conform to what some might feel is necessary to succeed.

What have you recently been shooting your videos on?

I’ve recently switched over entirely to Sony. It was a hard process because I think Canon makes fantastic cameras. For years, including my entire vlog series, I shot on Canon—I love the image straight from their cameras, love their color science—but when Sony launched the ZV-1, I really felt like it was the perfect camera for a YouTuber. Then, when the a7S III dropped with the articulating screen, it closed the deal for me.

Take us through your editing workflow and process for your videos?

I only edit my YouTube videos on a computer using Adobe Premiere Pro. …I only edit chronologically—start with the first frame of the video and don’t stop or review until I’ve made it to the end. Then, I backtrack and can rearrange and all that. I find editing scenes first to be confusing. I love discovering the story by forcing it to reveal itself this way. …Rather than cover up any scars or evidence that this video was made by one person, I embrace those flaws—often embellish them. Leaning into the imperfections is a way for me to say to my audience that I am not a pro, I am just a regular guy trying to tell a story.

What’s the single best way to create engaging videos?

I don’t know the answer to this but going back to the first question about what excites me; I think that being true to your passion, abiding by an unspoken understanding that if YOU find it interesting that someone else will also find it interesting, that then you will ultimately find your audience.


The article has links to several of Casey’s videos, analysis of his answers and much more. It is quite in-depth and well-worth reading.

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