Tip #1228: How to Burn-in Timecode

… for Apple Motion

Tip #1228: How to Burn-in Timecode

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

FxFactory Pro provides a wide variety of generators, transitions and effects for Motion and FCP X.

The Timecode generator, top, and the results. (Image courtesy: Hallmark Broadcast Ltd. (www.hallmarkbroadcast.tv))

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Motion does not have the ability to burn timecode into video, say to provide a reference when sending a project to a client to review. But, you still can – with a little help from FXFactory.

Using the Timecode generator from FXFactory Pro, you can easily superimpose timecode for a single clip, or an entire project.

Adjustable settings include:

  • Position
  • Font size, color and kerning
  • Type of timecode
  • Background
  • Drop shadow

A free trial is available.

Link: https://fxfactory.com/info/fxfactorypro/

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  1. Bill Rabkin
    Bill Rabkin says:

    Although I have no need to burn timecode into my videos, I have used this FxFactory Timecode plug-in for several years, long before Apple added a timecode window to the Windows menu. I find that compared to the timecode in the middle of the screen, this Timecode plug-in display’s larger font makes timecode much easier to read. I place it below my timeline. It’s a “freebie” from FxFactory.


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