Tip #1234: When to Use a More Powerful Chroma-Keyer

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Tip #1234: When to Use a More Powerful Chroma-Keyer

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

High-end compositing tools exist to solve tricky problems with edges.

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Both Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro X include powerful chroma-keyers. When should you consider using something even stronger?

The challenge with any key is precisely defining an edge. Yes, the background needs to be evenly lit and actors should not wear green in front of a green background. But, by now, most of us understand that.

Most of the time, finding the edge isn’t that hard. But, I can easily think of five situations to use more powerful compositing (keying) software:

  1. Loose or blowing hair and other fuzzy edges
  2. Translucency between foreground and background
  3. Reflections of the composited background with the foreground
  4. Tracking between foreground and background
  5. Working with 3D composites

What software should you consider if your NLE isn’t enough?

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