Tip #1248: The Creative Process of Filmmaking

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Tip #1248: The Creative Process of Filmmaking

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

2 Reel Guys: Dedicated to the creative process of filmmaking.

“2ReelGuys” hosts: Norman Hollyn and Larry Jordan.

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Several years ago, Norman Hollyn and I created a 32-part web series dedicated to the creative process of visual storytelling called “2 Reel Guys.” Learn more about this free series.

Norman was teaching at the USC Film School when we first met. Over that lunch, we decided to combine our skills and create a series of short web videos to help folks learn how to create films. Both of us felt that it wasn’t necessary to attend film school to be a filmmaker. But you DID need to know how the story-telling process itself worked.

Our goal was not to focus on technology, but story-telling. Written by Norman, hosted by Norman and myself and illustrated by the “2 Reel Guys Players,” we created the following episodes:

  1. It All Starts With Story
  2. Controlling Where The Eye Looks
  3. What Directors Do That Drive Actors Crazy
  4. Organization and Planning During Pre-Production
  5. Collaboration
  6. Directing Actors
  7. Don’t Be a Victim of Hit-and-Run Lighting
  8. Editing is Storytelling (Bad Master)
  9. Audio is More Important than Picture
  10. Planning Shots and Coverage
  11. Costumes and Wardrobe
  12. Use Color to Guide Emotions
  13. Camera Position and Framing (bad export)
  14. Dealing with Dancers
  15. Solving Production Problems
  16. Editing for Pacing
  17. Adding Music to a Scene
  18. Documentaries
  19. Sound Design
  20. Communicating With the Crew
  21. Comedy
  22. Directing Actors
  23. Communication
  24. Music Video
  25. Good Characters
  26. Location
  27. Staging a Fight
  28. Casting
  29. Lighting
  30. Emotional Turns
  31. Script
  32. Wedding Videos

Each show runs about ten minutes. Though technology marches on, telling stories remains the same from year to year.

If you haven’t visited this site, it’s well-worth your time.

Here’s the link.

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