Tip #1264: Where Premiere Stores Metadata

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Tip #1264: Where Premiere Stores Metadata?

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Metadata is great – but search is limited only to clips currently open in Premiere.

The Metadata panel in Adobe Premiere Pro.

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You spend all this time entering labels and other metadata for the clips in your project. Where does Premiere store this data and can you use it again?

A great strength of Premiere is the extensive metadata (labeling) support inside every project. For example, select a clip, or group of clips. Switch to the Metadata panel and add labels for the selected clips. Finally, go to the Project panel and search for any of the terms you entered.

NOTE: A good option for adding metadata is to use the Dublin core fields. Learn more here.

This search is extremely fast and covers all manually-entered metatdata. So, whenever you need a clip, you can quickly search for it using the relevant metadata.

The bad news is that you can’t access this data outside of Premiere because this metadata is only stored inside each Premiere project. If a project isn’t open or if you try to use the Finder to find a clip, all this metadata is hidden.

One ray of hope is that if you drag a clip from one project to another inside Premiere, all its metadata travels with it.


This inability to find clips based on metadata stored in Premiere is one of the key reasons asset management software exists. With a MAM, you enter the metadata into the MAM and can then search for files and transfer them with their metadata into different Premiere projects quickly and easily.

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