Tip #1272: Art & Business of VFX for TV & Streamers

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Tip #1272: Art & Business of VFX for TV & Streamers

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

“Game of Thrones” is considered the Gold Standard for VFX on TV.

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VFXV, the magazine of the Visual Effect Society, has an article, written by Trevor Hogg, on “The Art and Business of VFX for TV and Streaming.” (Link)

“The continued emergence of new streaming platforms, Disney+ and Apple TV+ among some of the most recent to launch, has created entirely new avenues for content, and much of it is prestige programming that requires quality visual effects, with the scope of a traditional feature blockbuster or high-profile cable series,” states Simon Rosenthal, Executive Vice President Global Studio Operations at Method Studios. “At the same time, technology advancements are enabling studios to work more quickly and efficiently, and so producers are increasingly using visual effects to support their storytelling, whether creating a full CG creature, mass destruction, or digitally altering practical locations to be period-authentic.”

This article provides an in-depth look at an industry expanding into new markets along with interviews, screen shots and links.

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