Tip #1303: Add a Curve to a Motion Path

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Tip #1303: Add a Curve to a Motion Path

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

There are multiple ways to add curves to motion paths.

Double-click a motion path line, then drag to create a curve.

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All motion paths in Motion are straight lines. However, adding a curve is easy. Here’s how.


  • When drawing a line with either the Pen or Paintbrush tool, drag when setting a corner. This changes the corner from a sharp edge to a curve.


  • Double-click anywhere on the red motion path line to set a control point.
  • Drag the control point to create a curve.
  • Drag one or both of the white control handles to change the shape of the curve.


  • Control-click an existing corner in a motion path line. From the popup menu, change it from Linear to Smooth to add a curve.
  • Change from Smooth to Linear to change a curve to a corner.

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