Tip #1306: 5 Photo Books to Inspire Cinematography

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Tip #1306: 5 Photo Books to Inspire Cinematography

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Five exceptional books to spur your visual creativity.

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This article, written by Lewis McGregor, first appeared in PremiumBeat.com. This is a summary.

It can be hard to find the right place to look for cinematography inspiration. Let us narrow your gaze to five exceptional photo books. These are five of my current favorites, [specifically] because of how well they spark the flames of inspiration for aspiring photographers and cinematographers looking to emulate raw, naturalistic images.

  1. Where I Find Myself by Joel Meyerowitz ($65)
  2. I Can Make You Feel Good by Tyler Mitchell ($60)
  3. Girl Pictures by Justine Kurland ($50)
  4. The Atmosphere of Crime, 1957 by Gordon Parks ($40)
  5. Intimate Distance by Todd Hido ($65)

Finding More Resources

The Cinematographer’s Archive is an Instagram account formed by Jordan Buck and James Rhodes, and acts as an insight into what’s on the bookshelf of working cinematographers. From commercial to feature DPs, there’s a wide variety of collections to scour through.

However, be warned! Some of the more fascinating photography books are out of print and, therefore, hard to find, expensive to purchase. You may find yourself falling down a late-night eBay rabbit hole chasing after some of these books.

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