Tip #1318: Interesting Ways to Flip a Transition

… for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Tip #1318: Interesting Ways to Flip a Transition

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Remember, wipe transitions are designed to break your story and take viewers somewhere “else.”

Flip transition settings (top) and the results (bottom).

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The Flip Over transition in Adobe Premiere has several hidden settings that can make this transition more interesting. Let me show you.

  • Select the edit point between two clips.

NOTE: Any transition needs “handles,” extra media before the In and after the Out, in order to exist.

  • Apply Effects > Video Transitions > 3D Motion > Flip Over.
  • Select the transition icon in the timeline, then open the Effect Controls panel.
  • The four small arrows (top red arrow) determine the direction of the wipe.
  • Show Actual Sources (middle red arrow) displays the video clips on either side of the selected transition.
  • Custom (bottom arrow) opens a dialog where the number of bands and the background color can be changed.

NOTE: There is no option to make the background transparent.

These options can make an overused transition look more interesting and fresh. Feel free to play.

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