Tip #133: Open Sequences Between Projects

… for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Tip #133: Open Sequences Between Projects

Larry Jordan – https://LarryJordan.com

Premiere supports opening unlimited sequences from any project!

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Premiere allows you to open (more accurately, “import””) one or more sequences from different projects. This makes it easy to share work between projects. Here’s how:

  • Open, or create, the project into which you want to import a sequence.
  • Open the Media Browser.
  • Navigate to the project file that contains the sequence you want to open. Then, double-click it.
  • A message appears saying that Premiere is starting the Dynamic Link database. This technology allows different Adobe apps to share data between apps.
  • After a few more seconds, all the sequences, bins and clips in that project are displayed in the Media Browser.
  • Right-click the sequence you want and choose Import.

Virtually instantly, this project will appear in the Program panel.

NOTE: This simply imports a sequence, it doesn’t link them. Any changes you make are not reflected back to the original project.

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4 replies
  1. Mr. Alan M. Halfhill
    Mr. Alan M. Halfhill says:

    I use this feature to create a new project with only the sequence I am working on. Gets rid of all the files I don’t need and Premiere does not slow down. Even on my iMac Pro, a big project really slows it down so I get the beach ball spin all the time.

  2. Chris Paul
    Chris Paul says:

    This tip should include the fact that any media files associated with the imported sequence that are not already in the project will be imported into the project window. This can be messy. For example, it you have a bin called “graphics” and you created a bin in the previous project also called “graphics” and associated media from it is in the imported sequence you will now have a second “graphics” bin in your project window. If you import several sequences this can escalate rapidly. This also happens if you open a second project and drag sequences from it into your current project.


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