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Tip #1331: Fast Answers to Hard Questions

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Fast Answers to Hard Questions

(Image courtesy of ToolFarm.com)

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Toolfarm has published 45 “Burning Questions” tutorials covering a range of products and techniques.

Topics include:

  • Burning Question: How to Make The Super Moon in Post
  • Burning Question: How Do I Quickly Give My Project a Letterbox Look?
  • Burning Question: How Do I Edit and Export with My NLE for TikTok?
  • Burning Question: What is a Cinemagraph and How Do I Create One?
  • Burning Question: What is Reverse Stabilization?
  • Burning Question: Is there a smooth, easy way to wipe my hard drive and start fresh?
  • Burning Question: How Do I Remove Flicker from my Footage?

All tutorials are free on the Toolfarm website – linked above.

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