Tip #1361: The Vocabulary of the Gimbal

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Tip #1361: The Vocabulary of the Gimbal

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Knowing how to explain what you are doing improves the quality of your images.

Image courtesy of Learn Online Video.

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This article, written by Oakley Anderson-Moore, first appeared in NoFilmSchool.com. This is a summary.

Not so long ago, epic cinematic shots were mainstays of jibs, cranes, and dollies. Now, a lone filmmaker with a few hundred bucks can pull off Hollywood-caliber movement—with one hand and a gimbal.

However, just buying a gimbal doesn’t equal good cinematography. You have to know how to use it, and how to communicate to your cast and crew what you are planning.

Steve Wright at Learn Online Video, provides 10 moves – and names – to help us communicate better.

  1. The Follow
  2. The Reverse Follow
  3. Step In Reveal
  4. Mini Jib Reveal
  5. Side Track
  6. Chest Transition
  7. Soft Focus Reveal
  8. Wipe Transition
  9. The Orbit
  10. The Fake Drone


The article includes details on each shot, plus a video that illustrates them in use.

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