Tip #1371: Introducing intoPIX JPEG XS

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Tip #1371: Introducing intoPIX JPEG XS

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

JPEG XS is specifically targeted at high-end video applications.

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intoPIX is a technology provider of compression, image processing and security solutions.

One of their newest codecs is JPEG XS. JPEG XS is specifically targeted at high-end video applications, such as broadcasting, broadcast contribution, virtual reality applications, and so on.

As described by Antonin Descampe, co-founder of intoPIX:

“The main difference between JPEG XS and existing codecs from JPEG, MPEG or other standardization Committees is that compression efficiency is not the main target. Whereas other codecs primarily focus on their compression efficiency, disregarding latency or complexity, JPEG XS  addresses the following question: “How can we ultimately replace uncompressed video?”. The goal of JPEG XS is therefore to allow increasing resolutions, frame rates and number of streams, while safeguarding all advantages of an uncompressed stream, i.e. interoperability, visually lossless quality, multi-generation robustness, low power consumption, low latency in coding and decoding, ease of implementation, small size on chip (no additional DDR), and fast software running on general purpose CPU and GPU.

“No other codec fulfills this set of strong requirements simultaneously. It can thus “compete” with ncompressed in every aspect and reduce bandwidth / video data significantly.”

Here’s a link to learn more.

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