Tip #1377: Create a Reflection

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Tip #1377: Create a Reflection

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Reflections require a reflecting surface and a group that’s switched to 3D.

Reflecting surfaces can be any color or shape.

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Philip asked: “How do I create a reflection in Motion?”

By default, all objects in Motion radiate light, meaning they can create a reflection. However, in order to see a reflection, you need a second object that catches the light from the first object and reflects it. THAT setting, to enable reflections, is turned off by default.

To enable reflections:

  • Create the object you want to reflect (the heart, in this screen shot)
  • Create a surface upon which you want the reflection to appear (the gold rectangle)
  • Be sure both objects are in the same group.
  • Switch the group from 2D to 3D by clicking the small icon of rectangles on the right of the group name in the Layers panel.
  • Select the rectangle.
  • Go to Inspector > Properties and enable (check) Reflection.
  • Adjust the angle of the rectangle to get the reflection you want.
  • Adjust the Inspector settings to get the look you want.

NOTE: 3D Objects do not create reflections.

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