Tip #138: More RAM Isn’t Always Better

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Tip #138: More RAM Isn’t Always Better

Larry Jordan – https://LarryJordan.com

Adding RAM has… implications.

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More RAM, as we all know, boosts performance for most media tasks simply because our files are so big.

However, there’s a downside to adding RAM. RAM, whether it is used or not, always consumes power when your computer is on. The more RAM you have, the more power it requires.

For desktop systems, this isn’t bad because they are always plugged into a wall outlet. But for laptops, adding RAM pulls more power from the battery, decreasing battery life.

If you tend to edit with a plugged in laptop, again, no big deal. But, if you tend to edit on battery in remote locations, you’ll need to balance more RAM with battery life.

Just something to think about.

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4 replies
  1. Philip Cutting
    Philip Cutting says:

    I think I’d rather edit faster, even if the battery will fade quicker. I’ll bet the screen and hard drive are more power hungry than RAM!

    • Larry Jordan
      Larry Jordan says:


      Totally an acceptable choice. For me, the important thing about this tip was that I didn’t know RAM consumed battery even when not in use.

      Now that I know, I can factor that fact into the next computer I buy.


  2. Jacob Hodgman
    Jacob Hodgman says:

    Interesting. Do you have any links or info about what the ‘break even’ point would be for various situations? I imagine all RAM isn’t necessarily equal but in general, how much more power is used per GB of RAM?


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