Tip #1415: Bugs Fixed in 2021 Premiere Updates

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Tip #1415: Bugs Fixed in 2021 Premiere Updates

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

Adobe continues their push to improve stability. Here’s what they fixed recently.

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Adobe continues their push to improve the stability of Premiere Pro. Here’s the list of bugs they fixed in the February, 2021, update to Adobe Premiere Pro:

  • Fixed issue with Durations when seeting minimum values in the Essential Sound panel
  • Fixed issue with rolling edits when rulers are displayed in the Program Monitor
  • Improved stability when sending sequence with Essential Sound Panel effects to AU
  • Fixed issue with contextual menus and Track resizing when renaming tracks
  • Fixed issue where Extensions were displayed as greyed out
  • Fixed issue where Ghosts projects were created when saving in some virtualized environments

Here’s what was fixed in the January, 2021, update to Adobe Premiere Pro:

  • Home screen panels don’t resize correctly with high resolution displays.
  • Improved stability when quitting immediately from Home Screen.
  • Marquee selection fails to select video track.
  • Images are squeezed horizontally when scaled below 50% in non-square pixel aspect ratio sequence.
  • Media Browser icons appear incorrect on macOS Big Sur.
  • Block noises when importing some Canon MP4 files.
  • Application may hang when changing playback setting to software only with ProRes RAW on macOS.
  • DVCPro HD file fails to import.

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  1. Loren
    Loren says:

    Would still like to see the Extend Edit action fixed so that any selected track edit will extend backwards or forward to the playhead as a group– not just one at a time. This is an action Apple nailed ten years ago in FCP7 and it remains a powerful capability.


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