Tip #1416: Tips to Export HDR Media

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Tip #1416: Tips to Export HDR Media

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

In both cases, uncheck Profile to gain access to the right compression settings.

The Main 10 profile, when HEVC is selected as the compression format.

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If you are working with HDR (High-Dynamic Range) media, deciding how to export it can be tricky.

Normally, you’d probably export a high-end ProRes file to maintain the 10-bit depth that HDR requires for both extended color and gray-scale. However, you can also use H.264 or HEVC. Here are key settings.


  • H.264 only supports the HLG format for HDR. When exporting make sure to set the Format menu (at the top) to H.264.
  • Then, uncheck Profile and set it to High10.

NOTE: All the other H.264 profiles only support 8-bit media.


  • HDR in HEVC requires you use the 10-bit setting. Set the Format menu to HEVC (H.265).
  • Then, uncheck Format and set it to Main 10.

However, most computers do not support hardware accelerated 10-bit compression, so expect the output to take several hours to complete.

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