Tip #1454: Expose Shows What’s In a Motion Project

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Tip #1454: Expose Shows What’s In a Motion Project

Larry Jordan – LarryJordan.com

An easy way to remember “Expose” is “X”

An exposed project consisting of seven discreet elements.

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Often, Motion projects get so complex, it can be hard to find and modify the element you need to adjust. The Expose feature helps solve that problem.

Motion’s expose commands provide a way of viewing multiple layers at once, “exploding” and re-scaling them. The expose commands allow you to access all layers in a project in the canvas without having to drill down into the Layers list. Expose commands also let you select inactive layers at the playhead’s current position or jump to a selected layer’s In point.

  • To expose layers that are active at the playhead position, type X.
  • To expose all layers in your project, type Shift + X.

In both cases, layers will temporarily scale down and spread over the canvas. Each layer is represented by a white frame in the canvas. Move the pointer over a frame to show the layer’s name.

Click anywhere in the Canvas to reset the display.

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